Introducing Finecial: Chain agnostic, Decentralized, Community-Owned Protocol Powered by BSC (2/2)

Finecial Launchpad

Now, let’s talk about Finecial ($FC)’s unique features in brief.

  1. Chain-Agnostic Platform: Finecial is the first chain- agnostic platform which eliminates single-blockchain dependency and provides One-Stop-Solution to both, Projects launching IDOs and FC token holders.

We shall discuss the abovementioned features in detail in our future posts so for now this information is enough to get you a good understanding of $FC revolution.

Ultimate Cycle of Value Creation “Our goal is to create incredible value for our token holders and our community while rewarding everyone who contributes on our platform.



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Finecial is the safest multichain Launchpad Built on BSC and collaborates with projects that are shaping the future of blockchain,Mainly seed / private / IDO.